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How to fix the curly paint?
Causes: a) repainting on a fresh painted surface. b) Wrong cleaning on the surface to paint. Solution: Remove all the faulty areas and repaint.
How to take off a fish eye on the paint?
Causes: Wrong cleaning on the surface to paint, for example waste of silicones, wax, oil, soap, etc. Solution: Clean all the contaminated surface with thinner, wash it with warm water, dry with a clean cloth and repaint.
Why does the paint have lime at the touch?
Causes: a) In the layer, it happens by the bad quality paint. b) A normal aging of the layer paint. c) Use additives and/or thinner incompatible or bad quality. Solutions: Sand and paint the defective area, repaint, mixing well the paint and using thinner and/ or additives recommended by the manufacturer.
Why does the layer paint look like tarnished?
Causes: a) in the layer, it happens by the bad quality paint. b) Moisture condensation on the layer, in high humidity and rainy days. c) humidity from the air lines. SOLUTIONS: Use 10% or 20% of retarder. Apply the paint when the weather is good.
Why does the painted surface have blisters?
Causes: The retarder or thinner evaporate faster in hot or wet environment. Moisture condensation on the layer, in rainy days or with high humidity. The humidity comes out of the air lines. SOLUTIONS: look over the compressor and the air line to make sure there’s no water or oil. Clean up perfectly all the surface to paint. Note: Apply light paint layers with the enough dry time between them, let the thinners evaporate before to apply the paint or exposure it to the heat.
Why does the paint have small points?
Causes: a) Because the humidity or oil in the air lines or regulator. b) Wrong cleaning on the surface. c) use a retarder not recommended. Solutions: Drain the air line and compressor, take off the water to the regulator sometime daily. Not apply heavy paint layers of primary or finishes, allowing to dry each layer paint, use the reducers recommended by the manufacturer.
Why does the paint fall off of the surface?
Causes: a) brittle paint films have poor adhesion to the primary between metal layers. b) Wrong cleaning of the surface. c) Incompatibility between the new and the old finish. Solutions: Make sure that the surface is correctly clean, paint the faulty area, use good quality finishes of the same color and material as the original finish.
Why does the paint look like orange peel when it’s dried?
Causes: a) The air pressure is generally low. b) Inadequate reduction of the paint or reducers not-recommended. c) Paint applied in environments where there’s a lot of air, high temperatures or hot surfaces. Solutions: set the air pressure adequately. Apply the paint with the gun at distance of 15 to 20 cm. Use a slower reducer. to apply the paint at room temperature of 18°C to 30°C, use sandpaper and repaint depending the damage.
How to avoid dripping the paint when it’s applied?
Causes: a) Applied paint close to the surface, paint too thick or too thin. b) Slow dry reducers. c) Inadequate dry time between paint layers. Solutions: When the paint is dry, sandpaper the surface until match the drip paint, clean and repaint.
How to take off the wrinkles in the finished paint?
Causes: a) Expose the finish paint to the sun when isn’t completely dry. b) Heavy paint layers. c) Fresh paint that gets hot in high temperature. Solutions: Avoid to apply the paint under the sunlight. Allow the paint dry perfectly before expose it at the sun. Sandpaper the defective areas, clean and repaint.
Why do they see water stains on the paint surface?
Causes: a) Humidity or wet environment caused by the water, rain, etc... on the fresh paint finish. b) Surface with oil, grease or wax. Solutions: the small water stains can be cleaning lightly with a clean cloth and polish.
Why are lines on different color than the paint applied?
Causes: a) Application on surface, whose pigments come show up over the finish that is applied. b) Inadequate cleaning of equipment for application that may contain bleeding materials recently used. SOLUTIONS: Try browns over the white surface, this will display a discoloration in minutes, in case the finish is like bleeding you can apply a sealant.
Why paint cracks when it gets dry?
Causes: a) Repainting over paint with cracks. b) Repainting over an old finish, exposed to extreme temperatures either cold or hot. SOLUTIONS: Remove all areas with cracks. Allow enough drying time between paint layers. Apply a median paint instead a thick layer. Use good quality materials and solvents.

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