About us

  • Service Attitude: Disposition to act, feel and think about the customers needs and point all our actions as a strategy to guarantee their satisfaction.
  • Reliability: Trust generated from an ethical and moral organization.
  • Quality: Make the things right and by the correct manner and accomplish the clients needs and keep the loyalty to our products.
  • Commitment: Achieve our goals and objectives without leave our daily tasks and not have to choose between the important or urgent... to have time to do everything that needs to be done.
  • Coordination: All departments work together as one team to get common actions.
  • Teamwork: Everyone in the organization has individual objectives and goals in common that they are a fundamental part of the whole company.
Follow us:
  • Camerino

    It’s a dream come true by the effort and dedications trough the years of the people who work in Valmex.

    Also is our second place that let us grow as persons and give to our families the daily livelihood.
  • Diego

    It’s an innovative company, engaged with the environment and above all the client beliefs to us.
  • Eva

    The customer support that We offer to the big or small companies, without distinction our catchword is to offer a quality customer service.
  • Ivan

    It’s the teamwork and effort of mexicans in a company dedicated to the well being of the workers and committed with all the clients.
  • Efrain

    It means quality and service which we offer to all our clients, always seeking to satisfy the requirements and needs of our consumers.
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